Intra-Operative Neuro Monitoring

Independent multimodality IOM service in the UK

Through our dedicated IOM Division, the company offers a seamless, highly-professional monitoring service for surgeons aiming to optimise patient treatment and minimise risks during complex surgery.

During surgery the monitoring physiologist works in partnership with the surgeon, using state-of-the-art equipment and the very latest techniques, conforming to published standards, to provide real-time analysis which detects neurological changes while they may still be reversible.

The experienced physiologist will deliver a complete package using portable equipment, all consumables, of which the electrodes will be applied and removed, and a clinical report.

Bespoke Healthcare IOM Surgery

Provided on an outsourced basis for both one-off clinics and retained contracts, our fully flexible approach means we are able to supply a full patient booking and chaperoned clinic service through to supplying a leading consultant to deliver directly with the patient.

Expert Multimodal
Support Including:

Techniques Include:

New IOM Procedures

Bespoke Healthcare’s IOM Division takes great pride in truly understanding an ever-evolving market, and this means the service offering is constantly changing to ensure we offer the very latest intraoperative monitoring techniques.