Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust Contracts Bespoke Healthcare for Neurophysiology Tests

Bespoke Healthcare has been confirmed as the in-house provider for neurophysiology tests for Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust.

The company announced the deal after its initial six-month review which saw them undertake investigations on over 1,250 inpatients and outpatients, both adult and paediatric, across Frimley Park, Wexham Park and King Edward Hospitals.

The tests themselves have been comprehensive including Routine and Sedated Sleep or Sleep Deprived EEG, Ambulatory and Bedside EEG2, CTS, Neuropathy, Routine and Ulnar EMG, Bedside, EMG with Magstim, Pelvic Floor and SFEMG EMG2, Ganzfeld or Flash ERG EP and SSEP and VEP EP.

The contract, which will initially run up to three years, includes both Consultant Neurophysiologist and Specialist Physiologist led clinics, with patient feedback seeing 92% class the service as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ while 8% said the provision was ‘good’.

Gwam Rajiah, Chairman of Bespoke Healthcare Holdings, said: “Since day one the relationship between us and the management at Frimley has been exceptional, and the proof is in the figures we have attained in the last six months.

“Waiting times have been reduced, anecdotally we have been told they are comparable with the lowest in London, while reporting times are all within three days. Patient and clinician feedback is largely excellent, and we are currently achieving these results within the contract financial envelope.

“This is the start of an exceptional working relationship.”

Founded in 2006, Preston-based Bespoke Healthcare is one of the leading independent providers of neurophysiology testing services and intraoperative monitoring (IOM) for NHS hospitals throughout the UK. The company has seen over 100,000 NHS patients for leading healthcare establishments nationwide.

Part of Bespoke Healthcare Holdings, the company also runs Greater Lancashire Hospital (GLH), the North West’s foremost specialist diagnostic and treatment centre providing the region’s NHS hospitals with a wide range of diagnostic, general day care, investigative, medical and surgical procedures.

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